Theatrical Controls

Our line of theatrical control consoles includes the entry level DSQ manual/memory, the low-to-mid range Wave Series, mid-range Rendition, and the mid-to-high end Rendition Pro. Our consoles can control conventionals, LEDs, and moving lights.

Rendition Pro

firefox The Rendition Pro console provides fully integrated control of conventional lights, LEDs and moving lights. With the addition of LCDs, four encoders, and direct selects, the Rendition Pro enhances the popular Rendition series consoles with increased hands-on control of moving lights.

Rendition II

firefox Rendition II consoles include dedicated channel and paged submaster controllers to provide classic theater control plus the latest moving light software features. The separate channel and submaster faders provide ease of use over the shared fader configurations of most other consoles. The Rendition II is available in 24/48 and 48/96 models with 24 paged submasters in 125, 250, or 512 conventional channel configurations.


firefox Catch the Wave. On the heels of the Rendition series comes the Wave consoles. Wave consoles offer a blend of traditional manual preset control plus memory control. Wave provides a sophisticated and powerful control platform in a format that anyone can use.

DSQ Series

firefox The DSQ is an entry level console with many useful features. Available in 12/24 and 30/60 configurations it offers both manual and memory capability, submasters, and patching.