Dimming Systems

A complete line of dimming systems for fixed, portable, or wallbox installations. Interfaces for DMX, ethernet, RS232, and our Collage architectural controls. Universal dimmers for any load, standard 120V to 277V installations.


firefox DX3 dimming meets all the needs for todays theatrical and architectural dimming requirements. It offers the industry's highest dimmer density and is available in 15, 30, and 60 module configurations with dual 2.4kw dimmers and integral architectural control system.


firefox The E-Flex lighting and Energy control system is a relay based controller for switched and 0-10V lighting control The system is flexible enought to act as a standalone room contorller or to accept DMX512 directly to easily integrate with DMX-based architectural lighting. Accepts occupancy, daylight, and contact closure inputs. UL924 and Title 24 support.


firefox Sunburst is an affordable dimming system for small projects - churches, restaurants, lecture halls, an elementary school multi-purpose room and stage projects. Universal dimmers, DMX-512 and architectural control inputs. 0-10V LED or fluorescent dimming model available. Multiple sunburst cabinets may be linked for common control.


firefox SlimDim distibuted dimming system provides flexible dimming in an affordable package for new projects or to upgrade/enlarge an existing system. Two or six 1200W universal dimmers.

Solitaire Impress

firefox Architectural room solution control with integral dimming. Controllers available with six 0-10V outputs or six phase control outputs as well as built-in DMX support for color LED control. DMX-based power modules increase the system power capacity with 2kW forward phase, ELV reverse phase, or dual 0-10V. I/O and communication interfaces are also available. Ideal for small areas such as meeting rooms, chapels, etc.

Solitaire Impress Power Modules

firefox Power modules, with DMX512 input, provide various dimming control solutions including standard leading edge (forward phase), trailing edge (reverse-phase/ELV), 0-10V fluorescent and LED, 2, 3, and 4-wire fluorescent, and non-dim for any application. The dual 0-10V module can provide up to 2000W single zone or split on two zones for 4-wire LEDs or fluorescent fixtures.