Lehigh offers a full line of theatrical and TV studio lighting fixtures. Ellipsoidals, fresnels, pars, border lights, etc.


firefox Ellipsoidal spotlights produce a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam. While primarily designed for theatre and studio applications ellipsoidals are also useful in displays, show windows, museums and nightclubs where precision controlled accenting is desirable. Ellipsoidals are the primary instrument for pattern projections.


firefox Fresnel spotlights are used primarily where a controllable, soft-edged lighting source is required. Applications include theatre, museums, night clubs, show retail display windows, and many others.


firefox Borderlights are multi-lamp, striplighting luminaires designed for use as a general wash of light. They are available in three or four circuit operation for color separation or blending. Borderlights can use both gel and glass roundels for color medium choices.


firefox Cyclorama lights, while very similar to borderlights, produce a very broad, asymmetrical, wash of light used to light cycs and scenery from as high as 25'. Cylclorama lighting is used either from the ground (ground-cycs), or from fly pipes (sky-cycs) and for better uniformity, both types may be used.


firefox PAR fixtures are low-cost, highly flexible luminaires designed for diverse applications. Intensity and beam spread are a function of the installed light source, so any one unit can serve multiple purposes simply by changing the lamp type.


firefox Scoops produce a very diffuse, soft-edged beam of light. Scoops are ideal fixtures for color blending and creating smooth, even washes of light. These fixtures are used in theatre, television, and photographic studios as a floodlight, remote fill light, or a cyclorama fixture.

Film & Video

firefox Offering open face fixtures, various fresnels are available as well.


firefox Follow spots are used in any applicaton where manual control of an intense lighting beam is required to follow a performer and to vary beam size, quality, and color. Lehigh offers follow spots with throw distance requirements ranging for small nightclubs to large stadiums.

Fixture Accessories

firefox Fixture accessories such as barndoors, donuts, and frames.

Stage Accessories

firefox Stage accessories such as clamps, wall brackets, stands, crossbars, and tees.