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Solitaire Impress with direct daylight sensor input for daylight harvesting
Posted on: Tue 21-Apr-2015

The Solitaire Impress controllers have been redesigned and now include a direct daylight sensor input for daylight harvesting. The controllers have always had two contact closure inputs available. These now support both active high and active low inputs. One of these inputs is now configurable with a hardware jumper to support either contact closure or daylight sensing.

These new features provide built-in energy management features in a single room solution controller with inputs for daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing.

The Solitaire Impress controllers include the Soli10 for 0-10V control, STM6 for standard dimming, and STM6-ND for DMX only. All controllers provide a direct DMX output to control color LEDs or other DMX-based devices, and can operate as a standalone control or as part of the Solitaire Impress modular dimming system with remote stations, multiple masters, communications interfaces, sensor I/O, and Wi-Fi. The units includes astronomical time-clock, micro USB, and will be available with a Zigbee option.

Auxiliary stations provide remote preset recall, occupancy and daylight sensor inputs, dry contact outputs, wireless DMX, Ethernet, RS232, and Wi-Fi. The system will also include a Zigbee option.

For expanded dimming power and control, the masters can drive any of the Solitaire Impress modular dimming system remote DMX-based power modules, rated for 120V (2000W) or 277V (5400W) and available as standard/leading edge, ELV/trailing edge (1600W), dual 0-10V, 2 and 3 wire fluorescent, and non-dim.

The Solitaire Impress modular dimming system is ideal for restaurants, bars, museums, themed-retail, conference rooms, houses of worship, convention centers, and theater house light control.

Lehigh Electric Products is a manufacturer of architectural and theatrical dimming and control systems for over fifty years. The company is located in Allentown, Pa.

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