Lehigh News

Lehigh to introduce Solitaire impressTM Modular Dimming System and Soli 10V Controller at LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 - Thu 18-Apr-2013
Lehigh is expanding the Impress line of capacitive touch controls to the Solitaire modular dimming system and inroducing a single solution 0-10V and DMX LED controller.
Lehigh to introduce impressTM DMX Architectural Controls at USITT 2012 - Fri 23-Mar-2012
Building on the success of Lehigh’s Collage impressTM architectural controls, Lehigh is introducing a new product line that is based on DMX512, and for the advancing LED market, adds support for color LEDs.
Lehigh to introduce the Collage Impress Color Touch LCD Control Station at Lightfair 2011 - Fri 13-May-2011
Lehigh is expanding its Collage Impress™ architectural controls with the addition of a 7" WVGA color touch LCD station.
Lehigh to introduce Rendition II Console at USITT 2011 - Wed 02-Feb-2011
Lehigh will introduce Rendition II at USITT. This console includes both hardware and software upgrades to the original Rendition console series.
Collage impress™Architectural Touch Controls win Best Architectural Lighting Product at WFX 2010 - Wed 03-Nov-2010
Our newest product line, Collage impress™ architectural controls, is living up to its name. Collage impress™ has won Best Architectural Lighting Product/System at WFX 2010 in Atlanta, Ga.
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