Collage Impress Touch Master

CTM612 with remotes

Sophisticated and elegant, with custom backlit button legends, Collage impress™ architectural controls offer a state of the art capacitive touch sensing interface for architectural lighting control. By eliminating the mechanical buttons and sliders capacitive touch technology provides greater reliability and durability. These controls are ideal for restaurants, conference rooms, houses of worship, convention centers, multipurpose rooms, and theater house light control.

Collage impress™ controls include the CTM master stations and CTE remote stations and are compatible with DX2 and Sunburst dimming systems.

CTM master stations have an LCD display, menu buttons, and sliders to provide an easy to use interface for preset recall, level and fade time editing, master raise/lower control for presets, zones or grouped zones. The slider controls provide quick level adjustments with a single touch - Full on, off or any level in between. Slide your finger up or down for more precise control. Group mode provides multi-zone editing to any level using raise/lower master. A 10-segment LED display for each slider indicates zone level. Zone level is also shown in the LCD while editing for precise control. The CTM612 provides paged zone control.