DX3 Architectural Processor


Lehigh’s DX3 Arch Processor provides an integrated architectural controls processor compatible with Lehigh’s Collage Impress architectural controls. It supports 128 control channels, 16 rooms, 24 presets, room combine, astronomical timeclock, and scripts. It has a DMX512 input, DMX512 output, Ethernet, USB ports, built-in ride-thru circuit, and a capacitive touch user interface for system configuration. The unit provides the sophistication to function as a dedicated architectural control or to provide a seamless interface between a theater’s stage and house light controls including system wide presets for capture and recall of both stage and house lighting.

Collage Impress controls include the CT600 (Color LCD), CTM606 and CTM612 capacitive touch slider stations, CTE-LCD, CTE606RL, CTE602, CTE603, and CTE-IR remote stations. CTE remote stations are available in various configurations including preset recall, preset recall w/LCD, master raise/lower control, and room partition control. The station buttons are programmable for various functions including preset recall, scripts, chases, partitions, alternate action, and on/off pairs.

System configuration is stored on MRAM (magnetic memory) located on the backplane. Controller update or field replacement does not require configuration reload.

Ethernet connectivity is provided for control, monitoring, programming, and subsystem networking. The DX3 Arch Processor accepts DMX512 over Ethernet using industry standard ArtNet protocol.

The Window-based DxDirector software application is used to configure and control the DX3 system via a PC using either Ethernet or the USB device port.

The DX3 Arch Processor provides a DMX512 output that can interface with any DMX controlled dimming system, such as Lehigh's E-Flex relay panels, DX3 dimming only racks, Solitaire power modules, or Sunburst dimming cabinets.

Collage impress™ controls are ideal for restaurants, conference rooms, houses of worship, convention centers, multipurpose rooms, and theater house light control.