Control Interfaces



Collage RS232 Interface

The CPAV232 and SAV232 interfaces allow the Collage Architectural controls and Solitaire Wallbox Dimming System to be interfaced to a personal computer or auxiliary audio/visual equipment via an electrically isolated RS232 or RS422. The RS232 Interface will control 18 presets, 16 areas, and 36 channels in the Collage System, and 18 presets, 8 areas, and 6 channels in the Solitaire System. The interface also provides system feedback, such as scene status and button activity on Collage or Solitaire master stations, to be reported to the PC or AV unit. The unit will also interface with fire alarms and occupancy sensors to activate selected functions. The CPAV232 is for use with the Sunburst dimming system.

This CEXPAV232 is compatible with the DX2 dimming system and Expanded Mode Collage architectural system. The Expanded Collage architectural controls are for use in large multiple room applications controlling 512 dimmers with 128 channels and expands the number of presets from 18 to 24. This system provides control of 16 areas with 24 presets/area which includes area combine control. This system also features astronomical timeclock with 128 event realtime control, macros, and access to 99 system back up presets that are 512 channels wide. The DX2 unit does not support fire alarms and occupancy sensors.

The Lehigh CEXPAV232, CPAV232, and SAV232 are supported with Control systems provided by both AMX and Crestron.

The RS232 Interface is designed to mount to a standard 4" x 4" electrical junction box.

Collage DMX Interface

Collage DMX Interface

Designed specifically for use with LED-based lighting fixtures such as Color Kinetics and Pulsar, the Collage/DMX control interface lets standalone Collage lighting controls operate other equipment that uses the DMX512 protocol.

LED lighting has found its way into the architectural, theatrical, retail, residential, landscape, signage, entertainment, hospitality, fine arts, TV studio, and commerical applications.

This unit combined with a Collage master control and remote stations provides an off-the-shelf solution for controlling LED-based lighting using architectural controls. The Collage stations provide 18 presets with 36 channels. Presets can be set to auto sequence for chase effects.

Infrared remote control, AV, and wireless interfaces are also available.

The Collage/DMX interface is designed to mount to a 4"X4" utility junction box. An external DC power supply is provided and requires a 120V outlet. The low-voltage controls require only class II control wiring.

This is a complete off-the-shelf solution requiring the interface, power supply, and master station. In addition, the interface can be used along with the Sunburst dimming system for combination applications requiring both conventional dimming and LED-based lighting or any other DMX protocol driven equipment.