DX2 Dimming

DX2 120 and DX2 30

Lehigh's newest dimming system provides the industry's highest dimmer density with 120-2.4kW dimmers in a single cabinet. Lehigh's higher dimmer capacity eliminates the separate stage and house dimmer cabinets of most other systems that only hold 96 dimmers. The ability to combine the stage and house dimmers into one cabinet reduces the installation cost and system space requirements. With 30 to 120 dimmers, the DX2 Series racks are suitable for small to large applications including professional and educational theatre, television studios, hotels, churches, and convention centers. Dimmer module versions include dual 2.4kW, single 6kW, non-dim, dimmable fluorescent ballast interfaces, plus dimmer rise time options from 350 to 800 microseconds. Dimmer main circuit breakers are fully magnetic and rated to 10,000 AIC.

The System Control Module (SCM) provides the sophisticated control functions for theatrical productions: dual optically-isolated DMX512 inputs, program, edit, and recall 99 backup presets; programmable panic control, Ethernet based communication, and dimmer status reporting. All SCM functions are programmable using the rack station or a PC connected to the rack.

The dimmer racks are compatible with Lehigh's Collage architectural system and provide a seamless interface between stage and house light controls in a theatre. In architectural applications, the Basic Collage system provides 24 presets in each of 16 independent areas with up to 128 control channels.

An Ethernet option provides the connection for remote monitoring, programming, and subsystem networking. All ethernet based control and monitoring can be done from a compatible console, or PC. Architectural applications can be designed as smaller subsystems and networked for single point control, ideal for convention center or large hotel projects.

DX Director Software

Dx Director II Screenshot

DxDirector II and DxDirector Setup software is a Windows™ based program for the setup, configuration, editing, and control of DX2 Dimming systems. DxDirector II is the latest software that provides full support for Collage Impress Touch stations.The recommended minimum requirements are a PC running Windows™ XP SP1 through Vista. DxDirector will NOT run on earlier versions of Windows™. DxDirector || and DxDirector can communicate with Dx racks using RS-232 which is standard or through ethernet. If RS-232 is used, the PC must also have an RS-232 "COM" port or alternately a USB to RS-232 converter cable with accompanying driver software. If your Dx rack has an ethernet connection and you wish to control it that way your PC will need a Cat-5 ethernet connection to connect to the Dx rack network.

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Note - There are two DXDirector II downloads available. One is DXDirector II, the other is the firmware update for the DX2 dimming system. The firmware package is installed on the PC with DxDirector II which will manage the actual firmware update using these installed files. DO NOT download these files unless you are already using DxDirector II and the firmware in the rack is V6.0 or greater. Firmware versions prior to V6.0 use DxDirector and DX2 firmware V5.42.