E-Flex Panels

The E-FlexTM lighting and energy control system is a relay based controller for switched and 0-10V lighting control for direct connection to dimming ballasts and LED drivers. The system is flexible enough to act as a standalone room controller, or to accept DMX512 directly to easily integrate alongside DMX-based architectural lighting. It is available with four or eight output circuits and four input banks to accept occupancy, daylight, contact closure and CapT wallstations.

It is an ideal solution for standalone applications – classrooms, conference rooms, offices, or to simply light public spaces such as stairwells, hallways, or lobbies. Built-in support for occupancy and daylight sensors provides a complete energy management solution. Receptacle zone type is provided to meet automatic receptacle control requirements. Additional inputs provide UL924 emergency, timeclock, or demand response support. Demand Response includes load shed adjustment on a zone-by-zone basis for maximum flexibility to meet energy codes and reduce power consumption. An integral astronomical timeclock option is also available with 50 events and support to control individual panels and zones or to broadcast an event to all panels on FlexNet.

E-flex provides support for both primary and secondary daylight zones controlled from a single photocell. Secondary daylight zones can be adjusted on a zone-by-zone basis using DASC (daylight scaler) which scales the effect of the daylight sensor on a zone from 100% down to 0.

Each input bank has an input for Lehigh’s CapTTM wallstations which provide a capacitive touch button interface with wake-on proximity sensing for low-power operation. CapT wall stations include button layouts with up to 7-buttons from simple ON/OFF to a 4-preset recall with OFF, and raise/lower control.

With DMX512 and RDM support the E-Flex integrates alongside DMX-based lighting fixtures and is compatible with Lehigh’s Solitaire and Impress DMX architectural control systems, as well as the DX3 architectural processor.

CapT Wall Stations

Capt Stations

CapT wall stations for the E-Flex Lighting and Energy control system provide a capacitive touch button interface with wake-on proximity sensing for low-power operation. CapT wall stations include button layouts with up to 7-buttons for simple ON/OFF to a 4-preset recall with OFF, and raise/lower control. The 4-preset recall layout is bank selectable via a dip switch on the rear of the station and can be configured to recall presets 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16 from an EFRP (E-flex relay panel).

In the upper corner of the station are two LEDs. The top LED is always ON and will flicker when the proximity sensor is activated. The bottom LED will be lit while a button is pressed. The top five buttons include an LED on the right to indicate activation.

Each EFRP (E-Flex relay panel) has four CapT inputs; only one CapT station can be connected to an input. A single CapT station can be connected to more than one relay panel to expand the number of lighting zones to control. By configuring a CapT input on the EFRP, a CapT wall station can be set up to control one or more zones of the connected EFRP(s). By default a single zone is assigned to the corresponding CapT input on the EFRP for out of the box operation as a standalone 4-zone room controller.

Zone assignment can be unique for each CapT wall station or the same zones can be assigned to more than one CapT wall station. With multiple zones assigned, a CapT station can recall full lighting looks which are editable on the relay panel. The 16 presets available on the relay panel can be edited with the PC-based E-Flex EFRP configurator tool software or using the on-board user interface of the EFRP.

E-Flex Flextool Configurator Software

Flextool Screenshot

The E-Flex relay panel has an on-board user interface with LED seven-segment display and menu buttons to allow programming of the panel. This can be simplified using the Flextool Configurator software running on a laptop, notebook, or Surface tablet.

Flextool Configurator software is an offline Windows application for creating and editing configuration settings for the E-Flex relay panel (EFRP). The configuration settings can be stored to a file on a PC, uploaded to an EFRP, or configuration settings can be downloaded from an EFRP for editing and storing to a file. Factory-defined configuration templates are provided for common applications to minimize programming. Easily configure multiple identical systems simply connecting to the USB port on the panel and uploading the configuration.

From the Flextool Configurator software you can change the panel ID, set a panel name, edit any of the 19 presets, set fade times, set preset names, as well as zone names.

Configuration is simplified using tabbed controls with easy to read drop-down lists for programming options, spin-boxes, checkboxes for zone assignment, and spreadsheet tables for editing presets and setting zone type and trim.