SlimDim Distributed Dimming

SlimDim SD6 and SD2

Lehigh's SlimDim is the ideal distributed dimming system for any venue. Designed for portable or permanent installation, SlimDims are an affordable and flexible dimming system for schools, houses of worship, retail applications, restaurants, conference rooms, TV studios, and rental programs.

SlimDim packs six universal SCR dimmers in a compact, lightweight housing with flush or pigtail stagepin, twistlock, or parallel blade dimmer output receptacles. The dimmers are continuous duty rated for 1200 watts and have 350 micro-second toroidal chokes, and fully magnetic circuit beakers. Standard accessories include a 10' power cord (connector is optional), c-clamp mounting brackets, and a duplex convenience outlet to power auxiliary devices and moving lights.

SlimDim is also available in a 2-circuit model, SD2. The compact SlimDim SD2 can go anywhere; corners, coves, ceiling ports, any place you need a dimmed circuit or two. SD2 is designed for fixed or portable applications. SD2 is the ideal solution for stage or studio plug-in boxes - mounted in the grid, on the wall, or as a dimmer drop box. The SD2 can be moved to anywhere you need it. Take it with you - do theater in the park, corporate events, film or video shoots, and would be a great addition to any rental stock.

The control module is feature packed with programmable dimmer to channel patching, dimmer load type configuration, focus check, dimmer min/max level settings, and dimmer active status indicators.