Solitaire Impress Power Modules


The Solitaire Impress power modules provide expanded dimming capability to Lehigh’s Solitaire Impress modular dimming system. Solitaire Impress master stations are capable of up to 800W per channel, with a maximum of 2000W at 120V while the Solitaire Impress power modules operate at 16A, 120V or 277V. In addition, these power modules provide various dimming control solutions including standard leading edge (forward phase), trailing edge (reverse-phase/ELV), 0-10V fluorescent and LED, 2, 3, and 4-wire fluorescent, and non-dim for any application. The dual 0-10V module can provide up to 2000W single zone or split on two zones for 4-wire LEDs or fluorescent fixtures.

The standard control input for these modules is DMX512 and is compatible with the Solitaire Impress and Impress DMX architectural controls SD-LINK. The modules include a buffered DMX output for daisy chaining. Three rotary switches are provided to easily select the DMX start address from 1-512, as well as an LED to indicate presence of a DMX signal. The Solitaire Impress power modules can be used with any system using a DMX control source and are an ideal solution for restaurants, themed-retail, conference rooms, houses of worship, etc.

Leading edge and trailing edge power modules are also available with leading edge phase control input for power booster applications with existing wall-box dimming systems.

Modules are to be mounted in a 4-gang 3.5”D back-box. Lehigh can also provide boxes for surface mounting.