Sunburst Dimming


Sunburst set a new standard for small custom dimming systems when it was introduced. Lehigh has further improved the Sunburst concept with the new SB2400 model.

The SB2400 series features an increased dimmer rating to 2400 watts; up to 12 dimmers per cabinet;fully magnetic circuit breakers; and universal dimmers programmable for standard (incandescent, quartz, low-voltage, and neon/cold cathode), fluorescent (2-wire phase control dimmable ballasts only), and non-dim (switched) lighting loads.

Digital control inputs include Lehigh's Collage link for all Collage architectural controllers and DMX512 for most theater consoles. Systems are available with single Collage, dual Collage, and Collage/DMX. When dual inputs are available the dimmers can be programmed to accept from either or both input with a primary input or pile-on (HTP) mode when inputs are both active.

The SB2400 is easy to install with main lugs that accept top or bottom feeds and an expanded wiring trough area for contractor loads and control wiring.

0-10V LED/Flourescent Dimming

The SB2400 is also available in a 0-10V configuration providing either 6, 9 or 12 channels of dimming for 0-10V LED or flourescent ballasts. It supports 120 to 277V applications, single or three-phase, air gap at each output with 20A load rating, and includes fully magnetic circuit breakers. Control inputs include Collage architectural or DMX.