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Pentium Class 32-bit Processor
Windows®, XP Embedded 32-bit operating system
WYSIWYG - DMX, Autopatch, Autofocus
Pathport and ArtNet Ethernet support
Ethernet Remote Video and Control
Wireless Remote Focus
ACN Ready
1024 dimmers, 2 DMX Universes, 1 DMX input
24/48 or 48/96 models w/ two scene capability
125, 250, or 512 memory channels plus 512 ML channels
600 cues, 500 groups, 600 effects, 100 steps per effect, 2000 macros
10 Pages of 24 submasters with timed bump buttons
Two timed/manual faders
Labeling for all items - cues, subs, groups, dimmers, fixtures, attributes, etc., with or without alpha keyboard.
16-bit and LTP channels
Focus Preset Palettes - Desk, Focus, Color, and Beam. 128 presets for each Category or 512 presets
Automatic Fixture Groups
Spreadsheet Editing
Extensive Fixture Library - ASCII text format
Predefined Fixture Attribute Ranges
Optional Encoder Module - Three Encoders, Category buttons (Focus, Color, and Beam), 16-bit Fine/Coarse Toggle button. Mounts in the console.
Hard and Floppy drives
16 user definable dimmer profiles
MIDI, MIDI Show Control
Interfaces for Handheld remote, Remote video, printers, Alphanumeric keyboard
Offline Version for creating shows away from the console. Win95/98/ME/XP/2000 compatible.
A true, dedicated lighting control console running on Windows®, XP Embedded operating system. No external PC, no external controller boxes connected via USB - a complete integrated console!

Lehigh’s Millennium consoles were the first truly integrated Window's based console in the lighting industry.Based on Windows XP Embedded operating system, the intuitive, and familiar Window's graphics user interface (GUI) brings an instant comfort level to the new or experienced operator and greatly reduces the start-up time to master the console's operation. It is much easier to use than other character and menu based consoles on the market and allows for greater opportunities for software feature additions in the future.

Millennium Series consoles are the first to integrate all available features of WYSIWYG Perform Console Edition - visualization, AutoPatch, fixture selection, and AutoFocus. WYSIWYG AutoFocus includes Intensity, Focus, Color, Iris, Prism, Zoom, and Gobo control. Millennium tracks the control changes while you see the results live and/or in WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG Perform has defined visualization software for the lighting industry; it is an end-to-end solution including CAD, paperwork, rendering, and pre-visualization.

While WYSIWYG CE is offered on 512 channel desks, any Millennium series console can connect to WYSIWYG including Millennium Offline editor. Layout your cues and have the console programmed before you even get to the venue.

The Millennium Series consoles are available in 24/48 or 48/96 two-scene control models with 125, 250, or 512 conventional channels, plus 512 moving light channels. Ethernet support for PathPort and ArtNet protocols, ACN ready, ethernet-based remote video, and wireless focus remote on PocketPC.

The Millennium is a sophisticated and versatile console that meets the lighting control needs from school productions to the professional stage - for a new generation of light board operators.

Millennium with XP operating system is required for WYSIWYG. Contact the factory if you wish to upgrade your console.

Links to WYSIWYG Demo and Tutorial

WYSIWYG Tutorial


These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download the Offline Editor version today to demo! We think you'll like what you see!

We'd like to hear from you about the Millennium, any suggestions/feedback?

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