Impress DMX DTM6xx

Impress™ DMX offers the same sophistication and elegance of our Collage Impress™ architectural controls using DMX512 communication for simple integration into any DMX-based lighting system. All of our stations offer a state- of-the-art capacitive touch interface for architectural lighting control.

Impress™ DMX provides control for up to 240 single or multi-channel zones across 512 DMX outputs, 18 presets, and includes support for color LEDs. This system is ideal for restaurants, themed-retail, conference rooms, houses of worship, convention centers, and theater house light control.

The LCD display, buttons, and touch sliders provide an easy to use interface for preset recall, level, color, and fade time editing, master raise/lower control for presets, zones or grouped zones. The touch sliders, each with a 10-segment LED bargraph, provide quick adjustments with a single touch for color select, full on, off or intensity Enter color mode and select colors with the slider while color names are displayed in the LCD.The DTM6xx master can operate as a standalone controller, with multiple masters, and remote stations. The DTM6xx masters, DTE606RL, and DTE-LCD remotes include infrared remote control.

Options include wireless DMX, partition control, and a 0-10V or contact closure output interface.

The sliders operate with two modes when controlling color zones. In normal mode the slider controls the intensity of the fixture light level. In color mode moving your finger up and down the slider selects one of 200 colors.

Sliders can operate in group mode to control lighting for a set of fixture zones.