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E-Flex Lighting and Energy Control System Introduced
Posted on: Thu 06-Jul-2017

The E-Flex lighting and energy control system is a relay based controller for switched and 0-10V lighting control. It is available with 4 and 8 zones with 16A EB rated relays, and is available with astronomical timeclock. It meets CA Title 24 requirements and includes secondary daylight zone adjustment. It is UL an cUL listed.

The system is flexible enough to act as a standalone room controller, or to accept DMX512 directly to easily integrate with DMX-based architectural lighting. It is an ideal solution for standalone applications – classrooms, conference rooms, offices, or to simply light public spaces such as stairwells, hallways, or lobbies. Built-in support for occupancy and daylight sensors provides a complete energy management solution. Receptacle zone type is provided to meet automatic receptacle control requirements.

Additional inputs provide UL924 emergency, timeclock, or demand response support. Demand Response includes load shed adjustment on a zone-by-zone basis.

With default programming the E-Flex is ready to use, no commissioning required.

With DMX512 and RDM support the E-Flex integrates alongside DMX-based lighting fixtures and is compatible with Lehigh’s Solitaire and Impress DMX architectural control systems. In this mode of operation, E-Flex can even provide power control for small theater spaces with LED stage lighting.

E-Flex is available with 0-10V dimming outputs for direct connection to dimming ballasts and LED drivers.