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E-Flex in Classrooms
Posted on: Thu 27-Sep-2018
E-Flex Lighting and Energy Control System was installed early this year at Sugarloaf Elementary and ButterFly Ridge Elementary in Frederick County Maryland. E-Flex 8-circuit panels were installed for each classroom. E-Flex was also used for corridor lighting, gym, and media center. Each system was networked with four E-Flex network gateways for future building control and central point for system configuration.

Panels can be accessed for configuration thru the gateways or locally thru a USB port on each panel.

Each classroom uses CapT wall control stations to control general lighting as well as whiteboard and under-cabinet lighting.

IRTec daylight sensors provide daylight harvesting with an IR remote handheld for modification.

Occupancy sensors provide vacancy mode operation with the E-Flex panel.

Corridor lighting is controlled by occupancy sensors with keyswitch overrides.