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Lehigh Introduces EnOcean SensHub at Lightfair 2019
Posted on: Tue 18-Jun-2019

The Lehigh SensHub™ is an EnOcean® to Lehigh control systems gateway which acts as an interface between EnOcean® wireless sensors and Lehigh’s Solitaire, Impress DMX or E-Flex lighting control systems. The SensHub™ connects to the Impress or FlexNet networks.

After EnOcean® sensors are 'linked' to SensHub™, sensor data is passed on to the control system. Up to 10 occupancy sensors and 10 light level sensors (8 and 8 for Solitaire/DTM) can be linked to SensHub. Linking sensors to SensHub can be done manually, using buttons and LEDs at the SensHub™ and the sensors. Additionally, sensors can be easily linked and set up remotely using Lehigh's EOConfig Windows application with an EnOcean® USB gateway (USB300U).

Because the EnOcean® sensors are wireless there is no need to run additional wiring and installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. The sensor is self-powered by harvesting energy from indoor light, eliminating the need for periodic battery changes. The clean, contemporary styling makes them an attractive addition to any décor.